What are the Advantages of an All-In-One AV Solution?

Wouldn’t it be great to have one device you could do everything with?  One device that would allow you to watch TV, surf the Internet, look at your favorite pictures, and let you play your favorite games.  All you need is to buy a smart TV!  There are plenty of options on the market today for televisions.  So why should you buy a smart TV?  Here Ian Johnstone from Booth Electrical in Inverurie, Scotland,  explore some of the many benefits a smart TV can provide.

Less Clutter

If all of the items you need are conveniently located in one appliance, then there would be less clutter in your home!  Without a smart TV you would be left with the only option of running a cable from your computer to your TV (if your old TV even allows you to do such a thing) so you could stream your favorite shows via Netflix or Hulu.  You would also have the benefit of surfing the web from the comfort of your couch!  No more getting up in the middle of a show to look something up.  Just use your television.  Less cords, less mess, more convenience!

Easier To Use

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