Using a Laptop Wireless Connection to Stream Video from Your Laptop to a Big-Screen TV

Funny how Hulu will give you entertainment for your computer at a low price, but will charge extra if you want watch the same thing on your television. They’ll call their television product Hulu Plus and charge you more for it. If you think that’s a scam, there’s a way you can use your laptop wireless connection to connect to your television wirelessly and watch away. You don’t have to bother with any special adapters or cables. All you need to do is to use your laptop wireless connection. As Hulu streams to your laptop, your laptop uses the Wi-Fi connection to stream it directly to your TV. And the problem.

This isn’t some kind of home hack either. There are lots of great big name companies that have products out there that do this out-of-the-box. Netgear has its Push2TV, and Imation has Link, for instance. Let’s take a look to see which method can work best for you. More or less, these products cost the same. Netgear’s product is a little cheaper though – at about $100. So let’s take a look at how works. So there you are sitting at your laptop, squinting at its 13 inch monitor and glancing over your shoulder wistfully at that huge 50 inch behemoth hanging on your wall. Whats more, you dont run your own IT support company – so what do you do? If you’re getting your Wi-Fi signal from your Wi-Fi router, that’s not a very fast network. In theory, you could send the signal to your television, but you just might overwhelm your Wi-Fi router’s capacity. So these wireless streaming solutions will use their own networks. Sometimes, they’ll uses a different that working technology altogether. Depending on what kind of technology you’re using, you’ll get a reasonable to excellent results. For instance, Netgear’s product uses Wi-Fi Direct.
The Imation product uses a wireless USB dongle. If you have a laptop that has Intel Wireless Display Technology inbuilt, you’ll be able to do all the wireless sending you need without the USB stuff. Netgear’s product uses the Intel wireless technology. That’s why it’s cheaper. They don’t need to give you a USB antenna. Of course, you do have to have a laptop that has this kind of technology built in. Macs don’t do it for instance. When you buy Netgear’s product, what they do give you is a receiver that you plug into the television. The Intel laptop wireless connection will take care of how you need to send the signal from your laptop to your TV. The accessory they give you that you connect to your TV takes care of the receiving end. It might be a little difficult to it working at first, but once you’re able to make a link happen, it works like clockwork each time.